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III Research Seminar of Cueva Pintada


Last November 23rd, David Hernández López, from the TIDOP research group, exposed part of recent works carried in the cave “Cueva Pintada” of Galdar, Gran Canaria.

Around 30 assistants attended the III Research Seminar of the cave “Cueva Pintada” of Galdar, in Gran Canaria. In the event, the researcher David Hernández López presented the results corresponding to the virtual digitization of the cave taken at the end of 2015. The digitalization consisted in the generation of a precise 3D model of high resolution through the use of different geomatic techniques such as laser scanning (phase-shift and triangulation) and photogrammetry. The combination of all the sensors used allowed to obtain a 3D model of each of the corners of the cave with millimetric precision and resolution.


In addition to this digitalization, a virtual visit through high resolution immersive panoramas was generated. This virtual visit tour was connected to the 3D model of the cave with, so that a very valuable and useful tool was obtained not only for tourists but also for professionals and researchers working in the cave.


These research works are part of the SIDAP project (Integral Archaeological and Heritage Documentation System).

For more details, please visit Cueva Pintada.

New published on 12/21/2017