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The SICMES project develops a prototype for the characterization of composite materials

SICMES.1The TIDOP research group from Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila develops a   prototype for the analysis of latest generation materials.

The SICMES project (photogrammetric system for the mechanical characterization of industrial solutions and materials) comes to an end. he project, which lasted 12 months, was developed by the TIDOP research group and financed by the “Proof of Concept” call of the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca. After its development, a low cost and flexible prototype has been developed able to analyze the deformations suffered by materials of latest generation without maintaining any contact with them (in contrast to the current techniques that need contact with the material yielding imprecise results when there are large deformations). The analysis of these deformations allows engineers to have a valuable and accurate source of information with which to optimize their designs and therefore, lower manufacturing costs. The prototype consists of two SLR cameras with macro lenses, a light source and an electrical coordination system.


Figure 1:  To the left a traditional extinguisher and a new extinguisher concept made in kevlar and; to the right the results obtained during the evaluation of the new concept within the framework of the SICMES project.

The quality and robustness of the prototype have been endorsed by the analysis of new extinguishers made of state-of-the-art composite materials. The aim was to replace traditional solutions based on metal extinguishers with innovative solutions that would guarantee higher performance and ease of use.

For more details go to  SICMES project.

New published on 01/10/2018