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The HeritageCARE project has been included within the framework of the first European Year of Cultural Heritage

The HeritageCARE research project, in which the TIDOP research group (University of Salamanca) participates, will be part of the 2018 European Cultural Heritage program.

Under the motto “Our heritage: where the past meets the future” the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage initiative aims to encourage people to discover the tangible and intangible Europe´s heritage and take on a commitment to preserve it. To this end, the exchange and appreciation of cultural heritage, awareness of history and common values ​​and the feeling of belonging to a common European area will be encouraged.

The initiative will have the support and participation of all EU Member States as well as entities and research projects that promote heritage in Europe. Within these projects is the HeritageCARE project, which aims to implement a system of preventive conservation for the heritage of the SUDOE region (Spain, Portugal and southern France). Among the priorities of this project are the creation of a non-profit entity as well as a management system that will exploit the latest technological advances.

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New published on 12/15/2017