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The TIDOP research unit has a “Distinguised Researcher”

ENER3DMAP has been selected within the framework of the Iberdrola Chair.

The researcher Susana Lagüela has been selected as “Distinguished Researcher” in the Cátedra Iberdrola announce for the VIII Centenary of the University of Salamanca, thank to her proposal ENER3DMAP. This project consists of the development of an integral system for the assessment of resources and clients, including their spatial representation in three-dimensions, SIG 3D. This system with contain all relevant information regarding energy potential, both renewable and non-renewable, together with data from clients and consumption sources. In this way, the system will allow the evaluation of the re-design of the energy network at every level (technical, environmental and economic). Prediction models will be developed about the behavior of the earth and its energy components (superficial and subsuperficial temperature, incident solar radiation, wind and wave velocity). The integration of these models in the system will optimize the decision-making about the redesign of the network and its decarbonization.

Ener3dmaps_esTo see more details please consult the  Iberdrola Chair  and the  press video.

New published on 10/02/2017