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The back-pack mapping system: a new paradigm for 3D digitisation of historical buildings

The TIDOP research group is committed to back-pack mapping systems for 3D digitization of complex historical constructions.

One of the keys of preventive conservation in historical constructions is the 3D digitization. This process is often tedious since more conventional technologies such as photogrammetry and laser scanning are used more frequently. In contrast to these techniques, the innovative back-pack mapping technology offers many advantages in the 3D scanning process:

  • Faster data acquisition and higher efficiency than other technologies.
  • Ability to work in closed environments without light such as caves or tunnels.
  • Low post-processing time and automatic obtaining of 3D digital models
  • Greater versatility, being able to embark it on vehicles, photogrammetric poles, etc.

Taking into account the above, the TIDOP research group of the Higher Polytechnic School of Avila (University of Salamanca) is currently working within the framework of the European project HeritageCARE (Conservation and preventive monitoring of the historical and cultural heritage) of the Interreg VB SUDOE competition. This project proposes the development of data acquisition and processing protocols from back-pack mapping systems for the 3D digitization of historical constructions. The results will finally be used for the design of plans, sections and even as a support for the conservation processes in historical constructions.


Seems promising! For more information about the HeritageCARE project, please consult at Proyecto HeritageCARE.

New published on 09/18/2017