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The journal “Drones” indexed in the Web of Science

The journal “Drones” of the Tidop research group of the university of Salamanca, indexed in the Web of Science, will aspire to have an impact factor shortly. It is the most important database in the world due to the scientific quality of its contents. The journal aspires to be the world scientific reference on drones.

The international journal of Tidop research group of the Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila of the University of Salamanca, “Drones”, directed and led by the professor of Cartographic, Geodetic and Photogrammetry Engineering Diego González Aguilera, has just been admitted for indexing in the database of Web of Science. It will be considered for an impact factor shortly. It is the most important database in the world and the one that acts as a reference in the field of engineering.

The way has not been easy, after being indexed just a year ago in Scopus, the numbers of drones in this last year 2020 show the effort and work to get a journal to the top.

Only in 2020,journal has published 80 articles out of 131 submitted and has received 232,455 visits, with the article rejection rate being 36%. Specifically, in 2020, the country that published the most articles in it was the United States (25), followed by Italy (9), Australia (5), Germany (5), Canada (3), France (3), Greece (3 ), Japan (3) and the United Kingdom (3).

Directed by Diego Gonzalez Aguilera and his associate editor Pablo Rodríguez Gonzálvez, a researcher at the Tidop Group and a professor at the University of León, ‘Drones’ is the only international open access journal on the science and technology of drones and their applications.

The journal belongs to the prestigious international publisher MDPI and publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications and short notes, without restriction on the length of the papers. ‘Drones’ aspires to be the central and international forum for academics, companies and entities dedicated to drone research and applications.

Nowadays, the proliferation of drones is a reality for companies, freelancers, public and private entities. Proof of this is the economic impact that the drone industry is expected to have in the coming years, opening up new possibilities and jobs.

Drones have many uses and benefits, from the creation of new sensors and the evolution of new platforms, to the development of specific software and the emergence of new applications. Drone technology is constantly evolving, hoping that in the coming years innovative and disruptive improvements can be developed, such as disease control, cleaning the oceans, delivering packages or medicines, among others..

New published on 03/15/2021