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Three-dimensional modelling in road accidents

Nowadays, three-dimensional reconstruction of scenes and objects is being applied to various fields, and one of them is traffic accidents, where obtaining 3D models is important for investigating and proving the causes of the event.

The investigation of road accidents is a major task to improve vehicle safety and to act on other factors involved in traffic safety, such as road design and construction.

The use of photogrammetric and laser geotechnologies for the modelling of traffic accidents will provide a documentary record of the signs and evidence present at the scene of the event, without altering their spatial positions or physical properties at any time, providing rigour, integrity and veracity to the reconstruction of the event.

With the application of these technologies, an optimal recording of all the necessary data will be achieved in a complete, objective, precise, non-invasive and digitally storable manner for later reconstruction and analysis.

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Importantly, the result is centimetre-accurate 3D models, which make it possible to determine distances in any direction in space and to measure angles and surfaces. It is also possible to obtain deformation models by superimposing models of the vehicle before and after the accident to accurately check the deformations suffered after the impact by quantifying the magnitude of the deformation in terms of sink depth.