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Three-dimensional modelling and maintenance of complex infrastructures

This line of research aims to develop a flexible system that allows the management, maintenance and inventory of complex infrastructures to be carried out. In such a way that all the related technical information (CAD models, database, dimensional analysis and diagnosis of the state of the elements) can be accessed through a virtual environment and in an immersive way.

In this case, laser scanning technology is used as the main source of data capture with a dual purpose: first, to provide the reconstruction of its elements, and second, to establish a control of its status and safety over time (monitoring). In addition, and due to the fact that access to this type of infrastructure is complex and dangerous, this technique is ideal as the capture is carried out in a non-destructive and non-invasive way, allowing a three-dimensional digitalisation to be achieved with great speed, precision and detail without any type of associated risk.


Other technologies such as near range photogrammetry, UAV photogrammetry and thermal photogrammetry are integrated with this technology, adding value to the quantitative and qualitative information.


The products delivered consist of 3D CAD models of all elements of the substation, thermographic models and images, geo-referenced aerial images and models and finally the Spatial Information System (SIS), a virtual system that brings together all the products and gives them meaning in an immersive and unique environment.