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INVEST (Equipo de Inspeccion de Soldaduras)

Author :Diego González-Aguilera, Manuel Rodriguez-Martín, Pablo Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Susana Lagüela-López.
Year: 2015
Company(ies) that are using it ITOS3D Engineering
Description: Weld inspection equipment for inspection of weld seams on pipelines that allows obtaining more reliable data and avoids the inspector’s travel to the pipeline installation because the equipment comprises a capturing device that moves along the pipelines to obtain accurate images of the weld seams and can send these images to a receiving terminal where 3D models of the weld seams are generated. It comprises chambers symmetrically arranged with respect to a plane perpendicular to the axis of the weld seam and an illumination system. It also includes displacement elements and a positioning system for the operator to keep the equipment in a correct position with respect to the axis of the weld seam. It also has a control unit and batteries for portability.