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Sergio Alejandro Camargo Vargas
PhD candidate

Land Surveying and Geodesy Engineer from the District University “Francisco José de Caldas” (Colombia) with a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Technologies from the University of Manizales (Colombia), specialized in Geophysics focused on Potential and Electromagnetic methods, as well as Geomatics, where he has focused on data analysis and processing using artificial intelligence techniques, remote sensing, and GIS. His work experience includes positions at the Colombian Geological Survey and private companies such as Esri Colombia and Esri Spain, where he has worked as a consulting engineer, contributing to environmental, mining, and resource exploration projects His master’s thesis on geothermal exploration received the highest grade and was awarded as the best postgraduate project in the department of Caldas (Colombia). He notably participated in the Project for Defining areas with mining exploration potential in Colombia using magnetic and gamma spectrometry data, which was awarded with special distinction by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Colombia. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. at the University of Salamanca and working with the TIDOP research group.

Research lines

  • Integration of non-destructive techniques (geophysics, geochemistry, and thermography) in civil and environmental engineering. Updating, optimizing, and standardizing various applications.
  • Remote sensing.
  • Geographic Information Systems.
  • Biomass and Energy.
  • Computer vision techniques in remote sensing.