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Luis Javier Sánchez Aparicio
Associate professor.

In 2011, he recived the Bachellor´s Degree, in Arquitecture. Later, in 2012, the Master´s Degree in Geothecnologies applied to Arquitecture and Engineering. In 2014, he recived the Degree in Building Engineering. This year, he did a pre-doctoral stay during 3 months at the University of Minho (Guimarães,Portugal), in the research group of Masonry and Historical Constructions, with which he remains research collaborations. In 2016, he obtained his PhD deegre (International mention and extraordinary prize), after the conclusion of his thesis entitled “Damage evaluation in constructions based on geomatic and dynamic approaches”. Obtaining the Cum-Laude mention.

Research interests:

  • Modelling strategies for structural analysis
  • Damage evaluation through vibration signatures and geotecnologies in historical constructions