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Diego Prieto Herraez

Technical Engineer in Telecommunications (2006) by the University of Valladolid obtaining the recognition “Extraordinary Award” for his academic results, began his professional career within the area of systems administration. Parallel to this first contact with the working world, he studied Telecommunications Engineering (2009) at the University of Valladolid. He complemented his education with the Master in Cartographic Geotechnologies in Engineering and Architecture (2013) by the Universities of Salamanca and Valladolid obtaining the recognition “Extraordinary Award”.

In 2009 he began his research experience within the research group SINUMCC of the University of Salamanca, where he did his PhD thesis entitled “Data assimilation, validation and integration into GIS of a wildland fire model”(2018) within the doctoral program” Geotechnologies applied to Construction, Energy and Industry “of the Universities of Salamanca and Vigo.

He is currently working on the unsupervised classification of point clouds within the research group TIDOP.

Research interests:

  • Modeling and numerical simulation of environmental problems
  • Estimation of wind energy production
  • High performance computing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Point cloud processing