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David Cifuentes Jiménez

Expert in GIS and information technology with experience in different European projects. He has developed web systems architecture design and Cloud Infrastructure management. He has experience for more than 6 years as a Team Leader of software product development of innovation lines in the TSIG department. He has also developed of organizational tasks of the working group for the development of solutions for clients. More than 8 years of experience in webGIS development and mobile applications in the field of precision agriculture and bioenergy. He had also in charge of the supervision, testing and deployment of applications to production environments.

He has worked in the development of software and webGIS platforms and in charge of the design and maintenance of the SPIDERwebGIS platform for time series of satellite images. In the last three years his work has focused on developing remote solutions in precision agriculture models based on Remote and Sensing, nutrient models, fertilizers, GHG, water balance indicators and bioenergy.

Research interests:

  • Software development