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Course open to all audiences

A MOOC is a Massive Online Open Course and therefore it’s open to all audiences, and there are no admission criteria. Its follow-up depends on the student, because there are no established schedules or dates, except in the case of wanting a certificate. In that case, the student must deliver the assessment exercises before the end date of the course.

The course will begin on December 2nd, at the same time as the begining of the UN Climate Summit in Madrid, and will last 6 weeks.

The course can be followed “passively”, free of charge, with the only requirement to register previously on the MIRIADAX online training platform (which can be done at any time on

In case of preferring to obtain a certificate of completion of the course, it will be necessary to conduct the course in an “active” way, answering the questionnaires and delivering the evaluation exercises. To obtain the certificate, students must pay the fees of the University of Salamanca, which are around 40€ for Participation Certificates.

To access the MOOC registration of Renewable Energy Mapping for a Distributed Energy Resources Network on the MIRIADAX platform, the link to it is