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Educational option under the baccalaureate

The Research and Excellence Baccalaureate is an educational option within the ordinary baccalaureate aimed at students who are interested in delving into the different research methods and in the analysis of the problems of any research.

Specifically, our research group participates in this new educational option with the I.E.S Isabel de Castilla through workshops and research projects:


Web mapping applications: IDE Solar
Global warming: calculation of the Earth’s surface temperature from satellite images
How do we harness the Sun’s energy for electricity generation?
Make your ideas come true: from paper to 3D manufacturing
Mount your own telemetry sensor with Arduino
The Engineering behind renewable energy

Research project

Development of a computer application in QT Creator for the LIDAR point cloud Post-Process from laser scanner: Editing, visualization, filtering and segmentation
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Geomatics as a resource for the documentation, management and dissemination of Cultural Heritage
Generation of software for calculating solar radiation
Development and programming of an image processing and editing application
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Analysis of satellite temperature images for the study of the Heat Island effect in Cities
Exploring possibilities for integrating different renewable energies
Design of the initial phase of a software for calculating renewable energy installations
Study of different parameters influencing the performance of renewable energy installations