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The TIDOP gruop receives the visit of the researcher Yuki Ogimoto


The researcher Yuki Ogimoto, from the Osaka Institute of Technology at Japan, has developed his researches between the months of November and December in the TIDOP group.

Yuki Ogimoto, a researcher from the Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan, has developed a pre-doctoral stay in the TIDOP Research Group during the months of November and December of 2017. During his stay, the civil engineer and urban planning designer has developed advances related to improvements in the design of sidewalks and other pavements. Specifically, his research line tries to clarify the relationship between the texture of the pavements and the mobility and or trajectory of pedestrians. The objective is to improve the current pavement designs so that the times invested by the walkers during their journeys is optimized. For this purpose, the researcher is committed to the computer vision as leading approach.

Detail of the path followed by the pederastian according with the type of paviment presented on the road.
New published on 12/12/2017