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The Provincial Council of Avila renews the agreement with the USAL

The Tidop group will receive 30,000 euros over the next 4 years for fire and flood prevention.

The Provincial Council of Avila and the University of Salamanca have renewed their commitment to collaborate in the study and prevention of fires and floods in the province. The agreement, signed by the president of the Provincial Council, Carlos García, and the acting rector of the University of Salamanca, David Díez, allocates 30,000 euros for the next four years, with a total contribution of 120,000 euros from the Provincial Council.

This agreement demonstrates the close relationship between the institutions. This research is expected to be a very useful tool for firefighters and other safety professionals facing challenges such as fires and floods in the province.

The director of the Tidop group, with the president of the deputation of Avila and the acting rector of USAL

The president of the Provincial Council highlighted the importance of the research and training carried out by the Tidop Group of the University of Salamanca. He also expressed his gratitude to the rector of USAL and showed his willingness to collaborate with the next one.

The rector of the University of Salamanca emphasized the institution’s commitment to the collaboration and development of campuses outside Salamanca, as well as to quality research, as exemplified by the Tidop Group.

For his part, the director of the Tidop Group, Diego González Aguilera, explained that they are committed to technology as a tangible solution to the province’s challenges, and stressed the importance of providing efficient tools to emergency professionals for the prevention and restoration of fires and floods.