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The final meeting of the HeritageCare European Project


The results of the European project HeritageCARE are presented.

On July 11, after three years, the final meeting of the HeritageCare project was held at the Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila. During this meeting, and thanks to an organizated workshop it was possible to show all the results obtained on the project, from a teorical and practical point of view. In this workshop, all the participants were able to know in detail the methodologies developed in the framework of the project as well as it application in Europe. At the end of this meeting, the participants could be visited the wall thanks to a guided visit.


The HeritageCARE project – Monitoring and preventive conservation of historical and cultural heritage – has carried out under the Interreg – SUDOE Program with support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of EUR 1,284,712.11 for a total amount of the project. 1,686,282.82 euros. It has coordinated by the University of Minho and has had the participation of the Regional Directorate of Northern Culture, Computer Graphics Center, Santa Maria la Real Foundation of Historical Heritage (Spain), Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (Spain), University of Salamanca – Ávila Center (Spain), University of Clermont – Auvergne (France), University of Limoges (France).


The project aimed to implement an integrated and sustainable methodology for the preventive conservation and maintenance of historical and cultural heritage in Portugal, Spain and France.

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New published on 10/03/2019