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The digitalization of the Historical Library of the University of Salamanca has begun thanks to the European project HeritageCARE


TIDOP Research Group digitizes the Historic Building of the University of Salamanca in 3D. 

Equipped with a state-of-art equipment, researchers from the TIDOP (Information Technologies for Heritage Documentation) group have digitized the Historic Building of the University of Salamanca in 3D. This new sensor, which consists of a handheld laser scanner and a processing unit inside a backpack, has allowed the three-dimensional reconstruction of 10.000 m2 through a simple walk around the building. In addition, the size and portability of this sensor has allowed to recreate in 3D spaces of great value as the original “Cielo de Salamanca” which would not be possible through conventional laser scanning equipment.

This 3D model will serve as a geometric basis for the creation of the BIM model that will serve to carry out a preventive conservation of the Historical Library, thanks to the system of sensors installed by the Santa María la Real Foundation. This site stores a movable heritage of unforeseeable value where one of the manuscripts of The Book of Good Love stands out.

This pilot case is part of a more ambitious initiative: the HeritageCARE European research project, which aims to develop a system of preventive conservation of historic buildings based on the latest technological advances where the backpack will undoubtedly play a very important role.

Biblioteca Histórica de la Universida de Salamanca

New published on 09/04/2018