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Predoctoral research stay of Laura Piedelobo at the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)

Laura Piedelobo, PhD candidate in “Geotechnologies Applied to Construction, Energy and Industry”, has collaborated with ISPRA, supervised by Dr. Andrea Taramelli, in the ESA project “CHIME Mission Requirements Consolidation”. CHIME is the EU Copernicus Hyperspectral Imaging Mission for the Environment.

The project aims at evaluating the overall utility of a complementary Copernicus hyperspectral mission to be added to the Copernicus Sentinels fleet, not overlapping with current or planned multispectral and hyperspectral ones. herefore, it aims to assess if the development of a hyperspectral satellite mission provides added value to current Sentinel missions in the “Agriculture food security & raw materials” application domains. The project follows up previous studies with the aim of extending the bibliographic review, and the identification of existing algorithms and approaches, in order to obtain quantitative results regarding the potential improvement of using products from the CHIME mission in comparison to the Sentinel 2 mission. Specifically, the PhD candidate helped analyzing the user needs and the hyperspectral applications covering the Copernicus portfolio in terms of Application and Downstream services; performing data analysis techniques, such as the Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis (LSMA), on CHIME-like data; comparing the obtained results with S2-derived and ground-truth data; and developing the concept for a new hyperspectral mission complementary to the already available ones.

Endmembers selection using the Principal Component Analysis, before performing the LSMA to analyze the endmembers fractions, which are compared to ground-truth and S2-derived data. Image from the Airborne Prism Experiment (APEX), taken the 31st July 2018.

New published on 06/25/2020