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Susana del Pozo Aguilera
Associate professor.

PhD in Civil Engineering (2016, University of Salamanca) with international mention and Cum-Laude distinction after the conclusion of her doctoral thesis entitled: “Multispectral imaging for the analysis of materials and pathologies in civil engineering, constructions and natural spaces” which was internationally awarded by the CIPA-ICOMOS. Her research experience and collaboration to date are mainly focused on the sensor fusion to remotely assess the condition of different land covers from the optical to the thermal range, whether they come from passive or active sensors and from different platforms (terrestrial, aerial and satellite).

Research Stays and International Collaborations:
– Member (2020-2022). Optical synergies for spatiotemporal sensing of scalable ecophysiological traits
– CEDEX (Madrid, 2020). Geometric characterization of the erosion of the beds of the dams after a flood
– INSA, Strasbourg and the French CNRS (France, 2019). Analysis of urban heat islands through satellite imagery.
– Geoscience and Remote Sensing Department of the TuDelft University (Netherlands, 2014). Geometric and spectral characterization of outcrops.

Research interests:

  • Radiometric and geometric calibration of multispectral sensors
  • Radiative transfer models
  • Close-range multispectral images applied to engineering and agronomy
  • Computer vision applied to image-based modeling of aircrafts and complex scenarios