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Mónica Herrero Huerta

Civil Engineering with a PhD entitled ‘Close-Range Photogrammetry applied to Agroforestry Engineering’ from the University of Salamanca (Spain, 2016). Postdoctoral studies from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in Geosciences and Remote Sensing (2015-2018). Active member from TIDOP research group. Currently, research staff member at Purdue University for the Institute for Plant Science, College of Agriculture developing remote sensing data processing pipelines to crop phenotyping. Her research interests to date have been focused primarily on close-range hyperspectral photogrammetry and LiDAR by alternative platforms and specifically in computer vision and deep learning analysis by multi-sensor data fusion applied to plant science.

Research interests:

  • Radiometric and geometric calibration of passive sensors
  • Close-range photogrammetry and computer vision applied to Agroforestry Engineering
  • Energy and radiative transfer models applied to Viticulture
  • Spectral analysis and diagnostic of vineyards
  • Extraction of tree geometrical parameters coming from Mobile LiDAR System