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Julián González Ayala

Graduated in Physics and Mathematics from the National Polytechnic Institute-Mexico. Master and PhD formation (with Honor Mention) in Physics and Mathematics Sciences also by the National Polytechnic Institute-Mexico. His three theses have been related to thermodynamics and statistical physics. His postdoctoral research has been carried out in the University of Salamanca in the research group of Energy Optimization, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics by means of postdoctoral funding from CONACyT-Mexico, Program II-USAL and Program XIII-USAL. His research has been focused, in one hand, on theoretical models of energy converters and its optimization and stability. In a more applied line, he has been working in the optimization of power plants, focusing on the implementation of renewable sources in a variety of arranges with methods of multiobjective and multiparametric optimization and analyzing the energy storage systems needed for successfully implement these variable input energy sources. He is coauthor of 33 research papers in JCR indexed journals. He is an active reviewer and currently he is Guest Editor for Frontiers In Genetics/Biology/Physics.

Research interests:

  • Optimization and stability of energy converters and hybrid systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Analysis and optimization of thermal energy storage systems