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Jose Antonio Martín Jiménez
Software Development Section Coordinator. Associate professor.

Dr. in Computer Engineering (2022), graduated Cum-Laude from the University of Salamanca, and holds an international mention in his doctoral degree. His doctoral thesis, entitled “Automation in LIDAR data processing, remote sensing and digital image processing,” was also awarded the extraordinary doctoral prize. In addition, he has a solid engineering background, having obtained his degree in Computer Engineering in 1996, graduating from the University of Valladolid and in Computer Science in 1993 from the University of Salamanca. Since 2008, he has dedicated his experience to teaching at the Polytechnic School of Avila, where he has maintained an outstanding participation in various academic areas. His commitment and dedication to education are reflected in his two five-year teaching periods and one six-year research period. His research career has been characterized by advances in automation in the processing of massive data including geometric information derived from the digitization of complex scenarios. In addition, he has contributed significantly to the development of software applications on various platforms, including desktop applications, web applications and applications designed for mobile devices. As an outstanding member of the TIDOP research group (USAL), he has co-written more than fourteen scientific publications in high impact journals and has participated as co-inventor in several relevant patents. In addition, he has played a key role in more than a dozen research projects both nationally and internationally.

Research interests:

  • Automation in LIDAR point cloud processing and digital image processing
  • Software development
  • Web map application development
  • Computer vision