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Féliz Jiménez Navarro

Professional with a solid background in Industrial Technical Engineering, specializing in Industrial Electronics, graduated in 2013. His passion for innovation and technology led him to start his career in the field of drone research and development, where he excelled by obtaining an outstanding grade of 10 in his final project. Throughout his career, he has accumulated valuable experience in drone-based photogrammetric applications, playing a crucial role in projects carried out in various locations, mainly in the Canary Islands, Mauritania and Catalonia. In 2015, he took an important step by moving to Barcelona, where he worked closely with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) on a photogrammetry and laser scanner project at an emblematic site such as La Sagrada Familia. He was also a trainer at an ATO school to obtain the necessary qualifications to fly drones according to the legislation in force at the time. His most outstanding contribution in this period was the implementation of one of the first systems with INS and high precision GNSS incorporated in drones, which allowed pure direct georeferencing works, marking a milestone in the precision and applicability of drone technologies. In 2021, he joined the Pafyc research group, where he played an essential role in photogrammetry projects and in the development of high autonomy VTOL equipment. In addition, he had the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge by training a group of state security forces in the use and practical applications of multirotor and VTOL drones. In 2023, he took a new step in his career by joining the TIDOP group where he focuses on projects related to IoT electronics and the adaptation of drones for specific applications required by the projects.