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Alejandra Ospina Bohórquez
VR/RA/Reverse Engineering Section Coordinator. PhD candidate

Currently, she is working on her PhD about Security Forces training issues through innovative technology such as virtual reality, reconstruction of 3D scenes through different methodologies, among others. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the same university obtaining the award for the first record of the promotion, and a Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems. She has participated in various projects among which stand out: Mixed prototype (mechanical-virtual reality) for training in the handling of industrial self-propelled trucks and Hybrid system mechanical-virtual reality for training in traffic accidents developed in the Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora of the University of Salamanca, both related to Virtual Reality, the field of her specialization and academic interest. Likewise, she has participated in national projects such as READY TWIN focused on creating digital twins of processes, as well as European projects, such as LAW-GAME focused on training Security Forces, a project closely linked to her PhD.

Complementary to her research activity, she works as an associate professor at the University of Salamanca in the degree in Development of Interactive 3D Applications and Videogames, teaching courses about developing interactive applications with the Unreal Engine graphics engine.

Research interests:

    • Virtual reality
    • Digital twins
    • Interactive applications