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Visit of the researcher Erica Nocerino (3DOM group, Italy)


During the month of July, Erica Nocerino, researcher of the 3DOM group (3D Optical Metrology) from Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy) was invited to the TIDOP research group in Avila. Her stay is part of a research line of new photogrammetric solutions for the evaluation of welded joints to advance the safety and protection of the constructions contributing to a greater security of the infrastructures, thanks to the rigor, objectivity and exhaustiveness in the first visual inspection phases. To this end, tilt-shift lenses were tested; such lenses make use of the Scheimpflug principle, which allows to adapt the shape of the depth of field to the extent of the subject of interest by the inclination of the lens with respect to the plane of the sensor.

Also, given the versatility of such systems, she carried out some experiments also in the field of Cultural Heritage, more specifically for the documentation of archaeological remains from different eras, to evaluate their capacity and potentiality.