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SECRET (System for Evaluation and Correction of Reflexes in the Thermographic Spectrum)

Author :Pablo Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Manuel Rodriguez Martin, Diego González-Aguilera, Jesús Fernández Hernández.
Year: 2016
Company(ies) that are using it ITOS3D Engineering
Description: It is a portable, stand-alone system for characterization and evaluation of radiant energy in the thermal infrared spectrum for the discrimination of reflections in thermographic scenes. The system is based on a detachable hemisphere whose surface is made of a low thermal emissivity material, which is positioned within the field of view of the thermal imaging camera integrated in the scene to be captured or object to be documented. The system allows an intrinsic evaluation of strong (or high intensity) reflectivities based on the differential study of the data provided by each of the positioned sensors, as well as an extrinsic evaluation of weak reflectivity based on thermal contrast differences on the surface of the hemisphere captured in the image. The collation of data from both the intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation enables a comprehensive analysis of the reflections that affect the captured thermal image at the time of capture.