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Research Stay of Susana Del Pozo at the Spanish Center for Hydrographic Studies (CEDEX)

Dr. Susana Del Pozo is currently developing a research stay at the CEDEX under the direction of Luis Balairón Pérez, the director of the CEH Hydraulic Laboratory.

The stay mainly addresses two issues of great interest in the erosion processes produced in the damping basins of dams: the characterization of the bottom erosion produced after a flood, and during a flood to detect the critical point of erosion. These analyses are being carried out on various physical models of moving bed hydraulic structures existing in the CEH hydraulics laboratory (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. CEH Hydraulic Laboratory in which part of the physical models of existing dams are seen.

The researcher is providing support in:

  • The acquisition, processing and treatment of photogrammetric data from the physical models (Fig. 2).
  • The use of automatic and semi-automatic alignment algorithms of both laser scanner and photogrammetric models.
  • Design of a photogrammetric field campaign with multiple points of view and in video mode to characterize the critical point of erosion during a flood.

Finally, when this line of research is resolved, it is also proposed to delve into the characterization of the superficial streamlines produced in a sheet of moving water.

Figure 2. Photogrammetric reconstruction of the physical model of a damping basins of dams (a), with colour representation of the elevation difference (b), and a detail of the erosion produced after a flood (c).