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Research stay of Jocelyn Le-Maitre at the research group TIDOP


The Young researcher Jocelyn Le Maitre carried out a short stay at the research group TIDOP.

Jocelyn Le Maitre, a second-year engineering student at the National School of Geographical Sciences (ENSG, Paris), completed his multidisciplinary internship with the research group TIDOP, specialized in geomatics. During this 10.5 week internship, he learned to manipulate the various geotechnologies used by the group in the context of the preventive conservation of historical and cultural heritage. Thus, he realized the acquisition and processing of photographs and 3D point clouds using the hardware and software provided by the TIDOP group. These data were then used to create virtual tours to get around and recover various information about monuments of interest for the group.

Jocelyn Le Maitre worked on the following sites:

  • The city wall of Avila.
  • The Historical Building of the University of Salamanca.
  • The veton site of Ulaca.