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Research stay of Iosvany Recio at the research group TIDOP


The researcher and Engineer Iosvany Recio ends his stay with the TIDOP group.

Iosvany Alberto Recio Villa, engineer and researcher from the Technological University of Havana ¨José Antonio Echeverría¨ (CUJAE) has developed a pre-doctoral research stay in the Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila, specifically in the Hydraulic Engineer Area since February to June 2018. The stay has been possible due to the scholarship: ¨Scholarship Programme for Young Professors and Researchers from Latin American Universities 2017¨ granted by the Coimbra Group. The professor and researcher of the group TIDOP Dr. José Luis Molina González was the tutor and gave a great support in the research.

During the research stay he has achieved advances in his PhD Thesis. This is focused in the water resource management, mainly in reservoir operation. The main objective of this research is to develop a mathematical model for optimal multipurpose reservoir operation with carryover storage. The optimization model has a multi-objective scope and is able to determine:

1- How much water should release the reservoir in each time period?

2- How to get the guide curves and operating rule for long term reservoir operation?

3- How much water should be holding on the reservoir for future uses?


The main achievement of the stay and the research during the four month was the publication of a paper in the journal Water. This paper could seen on the following links:

Link de descarga 1

Link de descarga 2

The proposed model is able to define the optimal operating policy of the reservoir because it provides the monthly amount of water that the reservoir should release in each time period in order to minimize the water deficit on the user. This automatically provides the guide curves and operating rules for long-term reservoir operation , and determines the magnitude of the carryover storage. This content is very original and important, because it is a volume that ought to be held on the reservoir for future uses. Second, the monthly energy generation schedule proposed by the model is the goal for the hydroelectric real-time operation, and provides a guide for the reservoir operators for reaching the proposed benefit. Third, the operation graph of the Céspedes reservoir provides an effective tool for reservoir management during real-time operation. Consequently, it provides a mechanism for controlling the releases and the storage of the reservoir according to the time of the year. Another advantage of this graph is that it includes guide curves and operating rules that are used as a trigger indicator to start different measures or actions in the reservoir. Reservoir operators commonly use these during the real-time operation.