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Research stay at TU Delft (Netherlands)

Dr. Inés Barbero García research stay at TU Delft (Netherlands).

The four months research stay was carried out at the Department of Geosciences and Remote Sensing, under the supervision of Dr. Roderik Lindenbergh. The developed work is part of the CoastScan Project for coastal monitoring using continuous 3D data and video.

Specifically, the researcher has focused on the use of video and computer vision to complement the continuous 3D data. A methodology using YOLO (You Only Look Once) and Principal Components Analysis has been developed to automatically identify bulldozers carrying out works on a sandy beach. The methodology allowed the automatic identification of anthropogenic changes in the beach for a large dataset composed of several months of data.

The work resulted in a research paper that is currently under review. As the methodology will be used for new sets of data, more publications are expected in the future.