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Research and collaboration stay of Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera at the Dublin City University-DCU (Ireland)


During the month of November, 2015, several research lines and transfer of technology were setup with different research groups at DCU. In addition, several seminars based on image-based modelling applied to engineering and architecture and innovation and technology transfer to other areas of interest were given trying to find pontential areas of sinergies and new applications.

  • It consists of a patented device (hardware) along with a software program registered with intellectual property.
  • At present, there is no police database working with 3D facial models.
  • There are no recognition strategies that allow working with 3D models, only those supported by images.
  • There are recognition algorithms of 3D objects.
  • 3D facial models would provide greater reliability and accuracy in the recognition and identification of individuals in contrast to the traditional 2D police reviews

WELDMAP enables testing and validating welds by generating 3D micro models with metric properties and submillimeter resolution. Its application is focused on the external inspection and control of welds. Its primary target shall be companies specialized to quality controls for the metallurgical sector.

Currently, visual inspections of welds are performed in situ by a inspector, weld to weld, with the consequent increase in operating costs for companies. Despite performed this task by a qualified inspector, providing accuracy in the verification according to the ISO standards is not possible due to the degree of detail required (millimeter/submillimeter) and the limitations of the available tools for that purpose (e.g. calipers). In addition, whenever an inspection is done there is no comprehensive record of their status, so that processes and maintenance costs cannot be optimized. This last point is crucial to the case of infrastructures which have a large number of welded joints such as oil and gas pipelines.