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RADIOTIR (Automatic Radiometric Calibration System for Thermal Infrared Cameras)

Author :Susana Lagüela-Lopez, Diego González-Aguilera, Susana del Pozo Aguilera, Jose Antonio Martin Jiménez, David Hernández-López, Miguel Angel Moreno Hidalgo, Jose Fernandez Ortega Alvarez, Rocio Ballesteros Gonzalez, Alonso Garrido, Juan Isidoro Martinez Gutierrez.
Year: 2021
Company(ies) that are using it GSD Geomatica S.L.
Description: This is a system for automatic radiometric calibration of cameras in the thermal infrared range, which is the range used for remote, non-contact temperature measurement. Cameras with a thermal infrared sensor receive the radiation emitted by objects in that wavelength range (7-14 μm); the higher the radiation, the higher the intensity of the signal received by the sensor, and therefore the higher the digital value stored in the camera. Radiometric calibration allows the conversion of the digital values of the signal received by the camera to temperature values. This calibration depends both on the temperature of the objects to be measured and the working temperature at which the chamber is set.