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Radiometric analysis of multispectral images


Multispectral sensors are considered a powerful tool for detailed spatial and temporal studies and open up a wide range of applications in the field of remote sensing derived from their use. A key step in this process is the knowledge of the sensor’s multispectral calibration parameters (c0 and c1, offset and gain) to identify the physical variables captured by the sensor. As a result of calibration, the physical parameters of an object can be known in Radiance units. Since each body has its own pattern of energy released/emitted when electromagnetic energy strikes it and distinguishes it from the rest, lines of research in this respect are of great interest to the scientific world.


The equipment used in this line of research is a low-cost 6-channel multispectral camera operating in the spectral range 0.530-0.801µm. It has the great advantage of being able to embark on unmanned aerial systems for high-resolution aerial surveys.

Some case studies are illustrated below as examples of the many applications derived from the use of this type of multispectral sensors. Early detection of water stress in plants, assessment of moisture levels in concrete structures or discretisation between different types of rock are some of these applications.