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PhoMod 3D (Photogrammetry Modeler 3D)

Author :Diego González-Aguilera, Diego Guerrero-Sevilla, David Hernández-López, Pablo Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Luís López-Fernández, José Luís Marín-de-la-Iglesia.
Year: 2014
Company(ies) that are using it Microsoft App Store, Bienetec
Description: Capture, visualize and share your world in 3D. The photographic dream of modeling the world in 3D is now possible thanks to PhoMod 3D and Windows Phone. PhoMod 3D App allows users to share and enjoy their 3D models easily and free of charge. This App includes among its main features: flexibility (any type of images and camera), automation (from 2D to 3D in a single click) and scalability (easy adaptability of the application to a large number of users and domains).