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Pablo Rodríguez Gonzálvez and Luis Javier Sánchez Aparicio research stay at University of Minho (Portugal)

Dr. Pablo Rodríguez Gonzálvez and PhD student Luis Javier Sánchez Aparicio, during the month of December 2015, carried out a research stay at University of Minho. This stay allowed the setup of several potential research lines listed below:

  • DIC 3D (Digital Image Correlation 3d). The basic principle of DIC is the tracking (or matching) of the different areas of the images, captured by a digital camera during the test (before and after deformation occurs). This approach allows the evaluation of the displacements suffered in different parts of the specimen and the evaluation of the so-called stress-strain curves. This methodology proves to have important advantages, in comparison with traditional sensors like strain gauges or LVDT´s, such as non-invasiveness or its full-field data information.
  • Characterization of knots, fibber’s direction and other relevant aspect in timber structures. The use of image-based approaches can reconstruct timber structures with great density, accuracy and feature-rich (photorealistic texture) on which is possible to evaluate different geometrical imperfections of timber structures such as the presence of knots or lack of material. Also the density of the product (point cloud or orthophoto) allows the characterization of the fibber direction. This potential research line can complement the Italian code (UNI 11035) for the mechanical characterization of timber structures.
Orthophoto of different timber especiments evaluated.
  • Photogrammetry with borescope and endoscope cameras. Borescope and endoscope cameras are useful tools in medicine and engineering. Allowing the inspection of inner parts of elements (such as pipes or masonry walls). However this inspection only provides visual data (images or videos) without any metric property of the scene capture. Is in this field where the photogrammetry can provided the solution.
Detail if the point cloud obtained with a endoscope camera.
Comparison between the photogrammetric model carried out with a Canon 700d and a endoscope camera.

Both researchers also carried out some investigation of the Saint Francisco and Saint Antonio entrances (Almeida,Portugal).