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MULRACS (Multispectral Radiometric Calibration Software)

Author :Susana Del Pozo-Aguilera, Mónica Herrero-Huerta, David Hernández-López, Pablo Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Diego González-Aguilera.
Year: 2015
Company(ies) that are using it ITOS3D Engineering, Sitop
Description: Software application for radiometric calibration of passive sensors in their near-range use (unaffected by atmospheric absorption of solar radiation). The calibration implemented by the software is based on the vicarious radiance method and can be applied to both monospectral and multispectral sensors. Once the sensor is calibrated, it will be possible to obtain images in physical magnitudes (reflectance or radiance) which can be exploited to obtain information on natural resources, environment, precision agriculture, crop classification, etc. of great utility for the scientific community and for companies that carry out spectral signature analysis and radiometric image analysis.