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Luis Javier Sánchez Aparicio research stay at Historical and Masonry Structures group (Guimarães,Portugal)

Research stay of Luis Javier Sánchez Aparicio at the University of Minho (Portugal) and its research group Historical and Masonry Structures ( from March to June, 2014, under the supervision of Dr. Luís F. Ramos.

During this stay, Luis Javier was focused on developing calibration procedures of Finite Elements Models and the integration of dynamical and geomatic approaches in the evaluation of structural damages in constructions.

  • During the first stage, a complete geometrical characterization (trough Terrestrial Laser Scanner) and historical survey were carried out in the Saint Torcato church, with the aim of develop a complete and complex numerical simulation which encloses phase analysis and a complete characterization of the complex mechanical soil behavior.
  • A second stage was focused on the structural evaluation of the prototype Ponta Lumis, with the combination of dynamical and static campaigns. During this stage, a hybrid calibration system was developed, which combined static, dynamic and damage functions in order to improve the numerical simulations.
  • Later, a third stage was focuses on the Digital Image Correlation approach, with the aim of develop mechanical tests Also, geometrical campaigns were carried out on masonry specimens to assist in the development of a new approach, called Tube Jack, with the aim of replacing the traditional Flat Jack test: ( .
  • Finally, a geometrical and dynamical analysis was performed in the Keep tower of the Guimarães` Castle. In order to improve the actual structural knowledge of the construction and also develop geometrical strategies based on NURBs for numerical simulations.