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International research stay at Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador)

Year: 2023

Jorge López Rebollo, PhD student and member of the TIDOP research group, has carried out an international research stay at the University of Cuenca (Ecuador) as part of his doctoral thesis.

The stay was carried out in July, August and September at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Cuenca, Ecuador Dr. Xavier Cárdenas, Civil Engineer and expert in construction and earth materials, has been in charge of supervising the research.

Jorge López Rebollo with Johana Ortiz Ulloa (Director of International Relations at UCuenca) and Xavier Cárdenas Haro (supervisor of the stay).

The main aim of the research has focused on the analysis of earth-based materials using mechanical characterisation techniques such as digital image correlation. These materials such as adobe, unfired bricks and compressed earth blocks are used both in heritage buildings and for the construction of housing in low-income areas..

Due to their composition, these materials have a sustainable nature and can be used for self-construction using local resources. In addition, research has focused on the introduction of additives for earth stabilisation and mechanical characterisation, in order to improve their performance and favour their use towards sustainable construction. Part of the work developed has already been sent to an international congress to be shown to the scientific community. In addition, the results obtained are expected to be published in the coming months in the form of an article in a scientific journal.