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Geothermal energy


Geothermal energy is becoming increasingly important in the field of renewable energy production. However, the high initial investment required for this type of installation means that the use of this energy is not yet widespread. This line of research aims to identify the weak points of geothermal energy and propose solutions that increase the efficiency of the system and make it more accessible to the common user. Within this line of research, a series of actions and laboratory tests are included, such as:

  • Study of temperatures at different depths of a geothermal borehole.
  • Determination of the thermal conductivity of the ground surrounding the geothermal borehole using more economical techniques than those already existing, giving rise to the configuration of geothermal maps.
  • Analysis of the backfill materials currently used and proposal of new backfill solutions.
  • Comparison of different construction designs in relation to the geothermal exchangers located in the borehole and study of the efficiency of each one of them.
  • Energy simulation of geothermal installations and subsequent calibration in order to simulate the behaviour of a given installation and to be able to modify the parameters involved in its operation, thus achieving an optimisation of the whole.