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Geotechnologies applied to 3D modelling in forensic infographics


The study of the three-dimensional reconstruction of scenes and objects for their subsequent analysis is a subject that has always been and will always be extensively researched in different disciplines. One of the disciplines in which it is necessary to obtain 3D models is in forensic engineering, and more specifically in the field of computer graphics.

The great advantage offered by laser and photogrammetric geotechnologies for modelling complex scenarios in forensic computer graphics is that they are non-invasive and non-destructive techniques. In other words, they provide a documentary record of the evidence present in the scene, without altering their spatial positions or physical properties at any time, as well as providing the reconstruction of the event with rigour, completeness and realism.

The general objective of this line of research is the methodological study and validity of the application of low-cost laser geotechnologies (Gaming Sensor and Indoor Mapping) and photogrammetric technologies (conventional Digital Camera, Smartphones) in forensic scenarios.

After the methodological development to achieve the objectives, it is demonstrated that the application of various geotechnologies, such as near range photogrammetry, computer vision, gaming sensors and terrestrial laser scanning devices, are suitable for the ocular inspection of the crime for its subsequent three-dimensional graphic representation.