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Collaboration stay of Monica Herrero Huerta at The Technological University Of Delft (The Netherlands)

Visit to the Dutch meteorological institute KNMI in Utrecht with the Remote Sensing group of TUDelft.

Collaboration stay of Monica Herrero Huerta at the Technological University of Delft (The Netherlands) from February to July 2015 in the department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

The stay was focused on the direct participation in the FP7 project IQmulus (, “A High-volume Fusion and Analysis Platform for Geospatial Point Clouds, Coverages and Volumetric Data Sets”, led by Dc. Roderik Linderbergh. Specifically, the research was centered on:

  • Data processing through Laser Mobile Mapping System (LMMS) to extract sizes and locations of urban trees. This work considers the automated,large scale extraction of parameters of trees sampled by a laser mobile mapping system. The input point clouds are consecutively downsampled,retiled, classified and segmented into individual trees. The application of LMMS enables to fast and accurately capture 3D data of individual trees along the road.
  • Extraction of tree geometrical parameters coming from LMMS for direct application in urban trees inventories. A non-invasive low-cost, precise and innovative methodology was developing, to automatically obtain the diameter at breast height (DBH) of urban trees destined for inventories based on point clouds by LMMS. Among the various urban tree measurements, DBH is an important tree inventory attribute because it serves as a fundamental parameter in tree allometry and estimation of basal area, thus providing valuable information about individual trees and tree stand structure.

The work will be presented at the ISPRS geospatial week in La Grande Motte (France) between 28th October and 3rd September 2015.