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CASIR360 (System for the characterisation of objects from their 360-degree reconstruction by means of image generation)

Author :Jorge López-Rebollo, Javier Pisonero Carabias, Roberto José García Martín, Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Diego González-Aguilera.
Year: 2022
Company(ies) that are using it Synergy Group
Description: A system for characterizing objects from their 360-degree reconstruction by generating images using a digital image correlation technique, and comprising a modular platform that integrates a set of connectable modules intended to be arranged in a circular shape, which in turn, comprise a set of tripods, a set of aluminum profile structures mounted on the tripods, and a set of supports connected to the tripods by means of the aluminum profiles; a set of photogrammetric sensors and a set of LED lighting modules mounted on each of the structures connected by a control module comprising a set of controllers associated to the photogrammetric sensors and the lighting modules connected in a Master-Slave type controlled network.