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Automation in the extraction of road layout and geometric inventory using mobile mapping systems.


This line of research focuses on the use of mobile mapping systems (MMS-Mapping Mobile System) to obtain geometric inventories of roads and the automation of the layout associated with them. One of the greatest difficulties faced by these systems is the lack of software capable of automating the extraction of semantic information of interest such as the road platform or road markings, from which to obtain the delineation of the road and its geometric inventory (i.e. number of lanes, platform width, shoulder width, lane width), as well as the geometric layout, both horizontal (i.e. straight lines, circular curves, clotoids) and vertical (i.e. gradients, vertical agreements, superelevations).


With this type of development it will be possible to carry out an exhaustive and rapid control of the roads by the managing administrations, since through the information derived they can identify problems related to the state of the roads, their geometric inventory and even the improvement of road safety. However, one of the biggest problems faced is the processing of all the information captured and, more specifically, the segmentation and modelling of objects and entities based on the disorganised and topology-free nature of the point clouds.



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